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Community Clinic

              Plan to try it!  "I'm amazed at what a difference it makes!" -Clinic Client

                                             Very soon we hope to offer clinics on site every month. 
                              We will have an online registration link. Come  in  to feel  the  calm!!!

Bowenwork is a holistic approach to healing and can evoke a powerful response to a wide range of indications, from back pain to headaches, depression to anxiety.
It is gentle enough to use on everyone, from newborn babies to those compromised by chronic or acute pain.

Clinic sessions FREE for all and are 10-15 minutes.
Please contact us with questions and to register early

IMG_0780 (2).JPG

"My children have been asking for two weeks when it was time to go back!"           - Very pleased Mom


(When physical clinics resume:  at Friends Forever International, 1 Morgan Way, Durham, NH 03823)

                                                          FREE for all. First come first served.

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