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The American Bowen Academy is part of a worldwide organization founded in Australia by Oswald and Elaine Rentsch (Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia). Bowen was first taught in the United States in 1991, with the Academy in America forming in the mid 1990’s. It oversees training and accreditation of U.S. practitioners and instructors, and upholds stringent requirements. Bowenwork stands alone well as a practice, and is commonly used as an adjunct therapy by massage therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, naturopaths, doctors and nurses. It qualifies for professional continuing education credit with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, American Occupational Therapy Association, the California Board of Nursing and the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine.

For accreditation students are required to complete 212 hours in the theory and practice of Bowenwork, 100 hours of Anatomy and Physiology, 24 hours of Business and Ethics and have current CPR certification. Practitioners are required to take 32 hours of continuing education courses every 2 years to maintain their accreditation. There is also a 500 hour certification.

Students and practitioners carry liability insurance policies, many with Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals in Colorado.

The complete Core Curriculum:

Module 1: Tom Bowen history/philosophy. Lower Back/Upper Back/Neck – the core work that addresses the entire body via all spinal nerves, Kidney procedure, Head Procedure and instructions for client self-care and management.

Module 2: Review of previous module work. Procedures for Respiratory system, Hamstrings, Shoulders, Cramp.
Instructions for client self-care and related exercises. Guidelines for case studies and log book hours.


Module 3: Review. Pelvic, Sacral, Elbow/Wrist and Knee Procedures. Instructions for client self-care and related exercises.

Module 4: Review. Ankle, Hammer Toe, Bunion Procedures. Upper Respiratory and TMJ. Forearm Procedures. Working with seated clients, babies and children.

Module 5: Review. Procedures for Chest area tenderness, Gallbladder, additional Neck and Shoulder restrictions and Coccyx injury and pain.

Module 6: Review. Procedures for childhood Bedwetting, Buttock Pain, Conception Protocol, pelvic floor pain and Bursitis.

Module 7: 16 hours of practical and written assessment for certification.  There are also modules of Special Procedures.

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