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Relax, reset, and restore your health.

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Bowenwork allows the innate healing capacity of the body to reset. Via the vast communication network of fascia, we take the body out of 'fight-flight-freeze' mode and ease it into 'rest-relax-repair' mode very quickly. Sessions are approximately an hour, depending on procedures needed. 3 to 5 sessions are recommended; 5 to 10 days apart to help the body establish new patterns, and move away from familiar ones. Depending on individual needs, additional sessions may be needed, but often more response time is needed between sessions.

"It is an unusual, minimalistic technique that involves applying a series of light, rolling moves over specific areas of muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments, interspersed with short mandatory delays to allow the body to integrate the effects of the work. Bowenwork is often performed through loose, lightweight clothing, so people do not need to undress, and no massage oils or lotions are used. Clients usually lie on a bed or massage table, or are seated comfortably to receive the work, which may be performed in a clinic, home or even workplace or sports setting."  

                                                                                                                                  -S. Gustafson, BSN, RN




                Single - $140     Package of 3- $385     Package of 5- $595


                Complimentary work for babies (up to 1 year old)

                House Calls may have added travel charge depending on location. 

SESSIONS   In Person House Calls                               & Virtual Sessions

                    TANDEM or TRIO SESSION SPECIAL
    The mandatory delays between sets of moves allow us to do                      simultaneous sessions.  Have a friend or two join you!
                                    $95 per person


      Stay home and relax! Get a virtual session. We call it 


              Get comfy at home or wherever you like,

              and I will carry out your distance session
                     with telephone communication.  

         "It works. I could feel my sciatic discomfort releasing."
            "I have seen and done remote healing personally.                          Ainslee has done remote healing for me with great results.
                           I highly recommend her work."

                                                - The Health Medium

My shoulder is feeling 85% better!! My goodness!

          It's amazing the difference!! I admit to being a skeptic
               which is why I had to give it a go for myself!"
                                                       - Jenny O., Sanford, Maine  

         "Thank you! I was able to get off the couch and go to work.
                        My migraine dissipated really quickly."

                                                      - Melissa J., Barrington, NH

  " Hi there! I can't tell you how much more clear and "normal"
                 I feel. Thank you! This work continues to impress."
Kate M., Conway, NH


A  i  r     B  o  w  e  n

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