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Meet Ainslee and Henry

Ainslee Farrington, Bowenwork Instructor and Practitioner

We all have some dysfunctional pattern in our bodies, old or new, and the brain understands how to undo whatever it did to protect us. Bowenworkers are facilitators, allowing the body to do the work itself, with a little prompting from us. Our body's ability to heal is infinite. So often people get their lives back when they had given up hope. If anyone has been told they will "just have to live with" a condition, they should try Bowenwork. The remote, or distance work is phenomenal, particularly when someone can not be reached, whether living somewhere too far away to make travel possible or in the hospital or quarantine.


Henry adds his own brand of therapy. He has a natural healing ability, joining us in class, and in session as people wish. Students have said, "People will come to class just for the dog!" 

My motto has become "Never say never." Truly, it is tremendously exciting and astounding 'work'. I can only describe Bowenwork as a calling because I was immediately drawn to and passionate about it. This and pure essential oils offer safe, natural medicine without side effects, and people are excited to learn how easy it is to feel better and be healthier.

I discovered Bowenwork in 2007, and was intrigued immediately when a hematoma in my foot released. It is a super gentle but powerful technique from Australia, and really got my attention! I signed up and became a practitioner, then began teaching in 2012. We have come a long way with many more practitioners in the US and abroad. It's a wonderful feeling to be spreading the benefits of this work (see below) exponentially through my students!

Traumatic Brain Injury
Migraines/ Headaches
Eye Health
TMJ Problems
Anxiety, Stress
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cardiovascular Issues
Frozen Shoulder
Back Pain
Knee Problems
Baker's Cyst
Ankle and Foot Issues

Plantar Fasciitis
Neck Pain
Digestive Issues
And more...
Meet Amelia

Why Bowenwork?

Why Bowenwork

Gentle. Efficient. Effective.


Bowenwork (also known as Bowtech - the Original Bowen Technique) is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that was developed by the late Tom Bowen in Geelong, Australia. Bowen’s work was based on his ability to sense inflammation in the body. Sometimes called the 'homeopathy of bodywork', it utilizes subtle inputs to the body at the superficial fascia level, stimulating the body to heal itself, often profoundly.

"Bowenwork is a very gentle, soft-tissue technique that resets dysfunctional tissue tension patterns, and supports the body in healing itself (Gustafson, 2010). It facilitates a state of relaxation by resetting the autonomic nervous system from being in sympathetic (fight/flight) dominance to parasympathetic (relax/restore) mode. In this phase, the internal organs function more optimally; with improved digestion and assimilation of nutrients, capillary circulation, tissue healing, and elimination of waste products from the body (Rentsch, 2007).

As the body’s tensional integrity is restored, alignment occurs naturally for improved posture and benefit to all systems. Effects hold well because the body is doing the work itself at its own pace, and in its own time. The success rate is over 80% for pain relief and lessening or alleviation of many conditions, both acute and chronic.

With very few contraindications, Bowen is safe and appropriate for everyone from newborns to the elderly and infirm, and elite athletes. It is commonly used in hospitals in Australia, New Zealand, England and other countries, by Australian pro teams and their Olympic team. Bowenwork is used by physical therapists and occupational therapists at Exeter Hospital and other facilities here in New Hampshire.

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My client had migraines, was taking 9 pills a day and went down to zero a day. She also has significant grief, anxiety and depression. I worked on her today and she is happy and 
can't stop saying how good she feels.

— Lisa DeFosse, LMT

Windham, ME



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